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Breadline project organises and redistributes donated food and hygiene items to individuals and families every week.

We seek to help those that find themselves in times of real hardship by addressing their most basic of needs - food and hygiene items.

Food banks are an essential service in communities across the country and in the last few years they have helped thousands of people in need. Breadline project is now able to help people beyond the short term fix and empower them to face a more positive future.

There are many varied circumstances that bring people along to the food bank, often they have been caught in the trap of debt or lost their job, suffered ill health, family breakdown, bereavement, delays in benefits or homelessness. Sometimes it’s a combination of many issues, but whoever they are and however they come to us, if their need is genuine we will give them food, support and encouragement.



Our food bank gives contributed food in parcels to people who are hungry…



We welcome volunteers to join us in supporting the community and aid those in hardship…


Your donation will enable us to think ahead and continue our efforts and passion to eliminate hunger in our society…

Leading people to better life


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Thank you all for your continued support!!!


Help us support our community and end the need for emergency food in the county. Your donation helps us be there for everyone who needs us during the cost of living crisis. Thank you for your support. Help us plan ahead . Single Donation Regular Donation. Make a one-off donation to.

We are grateful to all those who have supported us, including:

If you are in need of assistance, GET HELP