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Our Projects


Breadline project is a project by community volunteers. Our mission is  to serve the vulnerable and those struggling with poverty in  Banbury

As part of our project we work to  provide vital food to the vulnerable where  it is needed.

Helping Reduce Food Wastage  

Our supply partners has been supporting Breadline project for the past  year by donating surplus food to avoid food wastage. This is part of the  scheme which is linked to many different stores around Banbury. .


Over Christmas Aldi supported the breadline project by donating loads of surplus food such as sprouts, carrots, potatoes and broccoli. Food packages were made which were then distributed around Banbury to our community in need. In a similar way we also  receive regular food donations from Tesco Greggs M&S and Waitrose .



Breadline project relies on fundraising and donations to enable us to provide the extra facilities and services that our service users deserve.





Monetary donations are greatly welcome. They can be made directly to our following links:


Donating Food Items


Requirements for donations of food and material items vary from time to time but the following items are normally welcome -:


Tea and coffee


Sugar, Baked Beans, UHT milk


Tins of fruit


Cereals and biscuits


Non-perishable foodstuffs


Toilet Roll


Household cleaning products


 Toiletries including soap, shampoo, shower gel and deodorant etc.



We are always grateful to our volunteers who can support our service users. We are usually in need of people to assist at our weekly feeds, in addition, from time to time we require services such as:


Fund Raising Activities



Publicity / PR




Photography / Video Production



Admin / Clerical



Finance / Accounts



If you are interested, please contact us by email at