Breadline Project

Together we can make a difference....


Introducing  Breadline Project - a new community innitiative to support the people of Banbury.



Our Story

The Breadline Project was set up this year Since the announcement of lockdown,

The Breadline Project immediately focused all efforts toward emergency feeding programmes in our community to alleviate hunger. Since we have supported and provided food aid to people in need! and financial difficulty.
With the help and support of the local community we were able to launch and establish the Breadline Project in Banbury.  

Through the support of the community and our relationship with supporting partners we can provide a Family emergentcy food supply which will support a family

 The Breadline project food program is one of the services that we provide to help support families and reduce the impact of community poverty.






Facing hardship and looking for support? Don't be afraid to ask.


The Breadline project is a new organisation set up to help Banbury residents facing hardship. 

see our contact page for full address.



Our Vision

'Working together to give families the best opportunities in life'


If you are in need of assistance,   GET HELP