Feeding Humanity


Our community volunteers work to feed the homeless, vulnerable and isolated


Our history


The increased struggle of those living below the poverty began our initiative to help those most vulnerable and often homeless across the Banburyshire area. The Breadline project was born out of need. We have been blessed with our breadline project team, who have been amazing and continue to carry our initiative forward.



Andrew Wickham




Co Founder Breadline project


Our mission


Our initiative aligns with  zero hunger, we aim to prevent hunger within our communities, therefore we must work together to support the less fortunate.



Lilian Hambridge



Co Founder Breadline project




Our Story


Breadline project is a community humanitarian project. Our mission is  to serve the homeless, vulnerable and those struggling with poverty in Banbury. 

As part of our community projects we work to  provide vital food to the vulnerable where  it is needed the most to save the victims of natural  poverty. We work collaboratively with  organisations, and NGO’s to effectively co-ordinate and  supply vital nutrition in times of need.


the Breadline Project in Banbury.  

Through the support of the community and our relationship with supporting partners we can provide a Family surplus free food supply which will support a family

 The Breadline project food program is one of the services that we provide to help support families and reduce the impact of community poverty.






Facing hardship and looking for support? Don't be afraid to ask.



Our Vision

'Working together to give families the best opportunities in life'


If you are in need of assistance, GET HELP